You need someone who stops the 'people related' fires before they even become a spark!  Not someone who swoops in when there's a fire or worse an inferno, deals with it and is on to the next business with a fire to put out, leaving you crossing your fingers hoping the issue isn't repeated in the future. 

These fires cause massive barriers for success to your business and can be avoided in a huge number of cases.

Every business is unique, every human is unique so why wouldn't you use a bespoke service for your biggest asset?......



Be the best Employer you can be with the most engaged, motivated and productive Employees

If you're not already, I can guarantee that you will be spending significant time, energy and money dealing with issues that could have been prevented by having a different approach to employee / people related queries and issues.

It's so simple but the vast majority of businesses just don't see it, think about it or they prioritise other elements of the business above the simplicity of getting back to basics and creating a sustainable culture that is proactive instead of reactive.

You can be different, you can be the leaders and employers of choice, you can be ahead of the game leaving your competitors envious of your success!

Its simple... be an employer who is proactive and creates a culture that treats its employees like humans not like a pay roll number. An employer that has the basics really nailed, so employees represent your brand with pride, they show up consistently as the best verison of themselves, motivated, engaged, productive and loyal.  If your business is growing or you are anticiapting growth in the future, you must ensure the core of the your business - your employees - are ready to grow with you. 





Not used to dealing with employees problems, so don't know where to start

Wish the queries would just go away so crucial business needs can be concentrated on

Losing focus on the bottom line because of the number of employee related disctractions/fires needing to be put out

Once loyal employees now being unproductive, unhelpful or refusing to take on new tasks in line with changes in the business

Overloaded with terminology, jargon and topics that mean nothing and are really confusing

Overwhelmed by employees saying they're unhappy and hearing rumours of resignations potentially being made

Not clear or confident on what can and can't be said to employees and what the implications are if things don't go well

Questioning why the employees aren't excited about the growth/expansion and there's a real lack of positively and engagement within the business

Not a 'people person' so don't want to deal with this stuff, skills better utilised elsewhere in the business, they can manage themselves

Sales, commercial and growth is the future of the business, why do the employees need to be considered?

New employees asking for or expecting HR documents and processes that don't exist!

So why do you need my services?....

  • Because you know your business needs to change to be sustainable and competitive 
  • Because your employees and future employees are the most important asset to your business
  • Because the commercial, financial, reputational and personal risks are too high to get it wrong 


Realness, boldness, exploration & laughter

Once we start we'll be working together to create real transformation and change, we'll get back to basics and lay the foundations to support YOU and YOUR business for the future. 

With a genuine and straight forward approach you should expect lots of discussion, being challenged, to have fun, actions and ultimately results!

Expect to feel excited, relieved and to experience real clarity for you personally, for your relationships, for your team, for your business and beyond.

Please don’t expect generic churned out content, an impersonal service, unicorns, fairies and rainbows smiley