For me connection and realness is the foundation to building long lasting relationships, whether in business or personal. Of course there are many other elements required, honesty, communication the list goes on, but showing up in relationships authentically so what you see is what you get is not only refreshing but seriously game changing for everyone.

So I'm going to tell you 10 things about me so you get to know me, Claire Baker, the person you're going to trust to come into your business and create really awesome change smiley

1)  My nickname growing up was Beetroot Mary because I loved beetroot so much - a cheese and beetroot sandwich is still my favourite cheeky

2) I love anything about true crime, books, documentaries, movies

3) My mum was adopted and I am in the process of trying to trace her family tree

4) I have Reiki once a month and am trained to Reiki Okuden Second Degree so am a Reiki Practioner 

5) I'm married and have a son who are my reasons for everything heart

6) I used to be addicted to shoes, I even had a room just for them! They would be lined up on shelves, colour co-ordinated and with so many pairs (400+) the majority of which weren't worn.  I still adore shoes but have found a way to just live with around 100 pairs wink

7) I wish I could speak another language and play a musical instrument - on my bucket list

8) I have a thing about long finger nails particulary on men, and don't get me started on long toe nails - unfortunately they make me feel physically sick frown

9) I love sharing quotes, if I read something and it resonates it's getting shared - sharing knowledge, experience, information and thoughts is a real joy for me

10) I talk to strangers all the time, by this I mean I say hello to the person serving me in a shop and ask how they are, someone in a queue next to me gets the same - we're all so busy and distracted with technology, so for me really seeing someone and acknowledging them I hope could make them smile and even make their day yes


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