HR FOR HR - Because people in HR are humans too……

HR FOR HR - Because people in HR are humans too……

 My mission and aims for creating HR FOR HR are to –

Create a new pathway for change around how people in the HR industry are seen and treated – look beyond the knowns, the stereotypes and the judgements

Support HR individuals and teams to thrive and add sustainable, inspiring, value and impact within their careers, and show businesses how they must tap into this self-care first mindset

Provide HR professionals with a dedicated space to share, explore, support, collaborate, learn and grow – build a powerful communityCreate a mindset shift and movement with truly leads the way in self-care for the HR industry and beyond – practice what we preach!

Become the bridge between how HR individuals and teams organise, lead, co-operate and communicate today, and where they need to be to avoid the personal frustrations and practical barriers to continued and future success by putting their needs first

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'I've worked with Claire on a number of occasions and on various projects. She not only always provides me with exceptionally clear and professional advice on HR issues, but has an ability to look at things with a very commercial focus. Claire's advice and help have been indispensable to me and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to my colleagues, peers and network. As we all know people can be the most challenging part of running a business, but working with Claire has allowed me to build and keep a highly performing team and hugely rewarding culture.'


Adam Palfrey - Commercial Director Refreshing Sponsorship & Partnership Marketing Agency UK & AsiaPAC

I was introduced to Claire by a friend, and what started as an exploratory question regarding my own worth within the workplace culminated in a significant pay rise and more importantly a reframing of both my professional and technical worth.  That alone warranted a review.  Claire's experience and passion is steeped in the advice given - thank you Claire!laire!

James D - Cardiff

I've gone from being overwhelmed and over-committed to calm, focused and clear in mapping out and achieving the next stages of my visions. Working with Claire to unpack my business direction has been invaluable throughout 2018. Her clarity of thinking and experience on resourcing large scale projects with the aligned people and skills has meant that I've moved forward with confidence in my strategic collaborations. She's my go-to now to check that I am aligned in my projects and committed at a manageable and sustainable level. Highly recommend Claire's executive coaching if you are looking to scale your business as a small business owner with a big vision.

Kelly Quinn - Strategic Sales Specialist / Transformational Business Coach Reflective Practice Partner

I found Claire very informative and knowledgeable, giving me real confidence to ensure that I provided my staff members the course of action that they expect from a people focused business.  Her advice was second to none! I would definitely recommend her.

Mark Cann - Branch Manager - Rhino Recruitment Cardiff